Theme Park – Treetop Adventure Trekking

Adventure Park is an adventure park that is located in Jamor, Lisbon.

Adventure Park’s slogan is: “Back to the Forest” because it is intended to foster outdoor activity, adventurous spirit, contact with nature, group activity and family outings, among others, during the four seasons of the year.

As its main activity, it has three treetop adventure treks:

– Mini Forest

– Little Forest

– Mega Circuit

If you are looking for parent and child programs, Adventure Park is the ideal theme park.

You can go treetop adventure trekking together with your family and watch each member of the group overcome their fears and have fun in the treetops.

To begin your day of treetop exploration, you will be equipped with a harness, which will allow you to walk safely from tree to tree.

The result is spectacular! The experience of this outdoor adventure is full of adrenaline, takes people out of their comfort zone and, above all (no pun intended), is a great outdoor activity for kids, families, birthday parties, bachelor parties, field trips, college students and team building.

You do not need to have any specific physical preparation.

If you are looking for:

– parent and child programs

– activities with children

– family outings

– outdoor activities with children

Adventure Park is the ideal theme park for spending quality time, having fun and being close to nature.

Challenge family and friends and have fun in a totally safe environment, overcoming obstacles and breaking barriers.

Adventure Park has a special Family Pack: 55€ for 4 family members.

If you want more information you can contact us at + 351 211 519 400.

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