It is such a joy to celebrate 10 years!

It was a very demanding challenge. When we started, few knew the words treetop adventure and no one was looking for it, which describes our activity so well, in search engines.

It was a huge job for all our team to put “treetop adventure” in the lexicon of the Portuguese people, but now we are known and our activity is already recognized by our friends, partners, customers and potential customers.

The Parks were filled with customers, children, young people and adults coming from everywhere and all countries. We have birthday parties, schools with thousands of students every year, families, groups of friends, companies doing team building, and at the end of the treks, we are pleased to see adventurers always bursting with joy at overcoming the challenges.

At the same time and to complement our offer, together with our partners, including the IPDJ, we launched additional activities such as Canoeing, Orienteering, Mini Golf, and Laser Combat.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, we decided to evolve our image by creating a new brand and launching a new website with the E-commerce Online Trading Platform.

The main message we want to convey is that it is time for us to return to the forest and activities in nature, and on this very special date, we make a commitment to continue to value our activities away from the internet and preferably in the forest.

Our slogan “Back to the Forest” could not be more appropriate for these times we live in when outdoor activities should be chosen by everyone.

One last word for strong emotions, there is nothing better to share with friends than to go through moments of tension followed by joy. Completing the treks together with family, colleagues or friends gives unbelievable satisfaction and the moments that we live together last forever.