Keeping the teams motivated is fundamental to the success of any company, independently of its size.

The concept of Team Building – which bases on the stimulation of team spirit, through various activities, to reinforce and develop the relationship between members of a company.

Despite the existent work between each team, the main objective is to provide experiences outside of the work routine, that result in a source of creativity for the team.

There are innumerous activities with the objective of boosting team union. To divert attention from the work routine and to reinforce the importance of team work to reach the company’s objectives, it is ideal to plan informal moments that motivate the teams through the activity of Team Building.


Team Building – A Positive Bet

The activity of Team Building improves the productivity and motivation of the team.

The activities must be thought and chosen with the objective of freeing the team from the daily “stress”, increase motivation and productivity.

To improve the team dynamic and deepen the social bonds through the activities of Team Building, the necessary competencies for each team’s success must be stimulated.


Main objectives of Team Building activities:

  • Reach common goals: these activities strengthen the collective work and facilitate individual and common objectives.
  • Increase trust: to enable the creation of bonds between employees, the actions of Team Building undo communication barriers, and encourage an easy environment in the company.
  • Better performance: allowing the distance from the routine, the individual performance rises, fruit of productivity increase, creating the necessary resilience to overcome challenges.
  • Promote the involvement, the enthusiasm, and the motivation in the employees to reach their objectives.

Team Building activities must enthusiasm and revitalize the team’s energy. Must provide motivating experiences that help the team’s results.

The Team Building programs must be thought and planned as an investment, because it will later reflect on the company’s profitability.


Team Building Ideas for Teams

Team Building Activities can be simple exercises or more complex simulations. Many times, it can be a retreat of many days, that include group games.


Treetop Adventure

Treetop adventure is an open-air adventure that is unparalleled. Filled with adrenaline, it takes people outside of their comfort zone and it’s a great outdoor experience for little and big adventurers. The treetop treks at Adventure Park challenge courage, balance, and coordination by overcoming the obstacles between the platforms fixed at the treetops.

The Mega Circuit, the ideal circuit for youth and adults, it has 4 obstacle sets in which the participant must climb the trees and go through 44 activities, amongst them there are 4 slides with 200 meters each and the Tarzan jump.

The Mega Circuit was created to provide enthusiastic moments in which the team elements enjoy, together, the difficulties of each one in surpassing the obstacles. Activities like the Tarzan jump, or the slides are high moments of the circuit.

The safety of the adventurers is secured by the initial briefing, where all the participants train the technique to use the harness.



The orientation tests aim to ally physical activity and mental activity in open nature. Available for company groups, it is an activity that can be combined with treetop adventures.




Activity that aims for the spirit of mutual help in teams, giving privilege to movement coordination work and dialogue. Available for company groups, this activity carries out on the artificial lake of Jamor and can be combined with treetop adventures.


Laser Combat

Activity that promotes team spirit in a game of tactics and strategy. It is an open-air activity, available for groups of minimum 15 participants: The players shoot invisible beams, 100% harmless, in a tournament format game that can be combined with treetop adventures.

The Adventure Park organizes incredible activity sessions for companies. The activities are in open-air, in nature and provide wellness and adventurer spirit.

The sessions can be half a day or a full day, with one, two or more activities and the organization of meals for the groups.

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