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What is Mega Circuit?

What is Mega Circuit?

MEGA CIRCUIT is one of the largest treetop adventure treks in the Iberian Peninsula. Much more than a set of suspended obstacles, it is a two-hour trip through the treetops of the forest. Awaken all senses in an absorbing and visually stunning forest setting. Ideal for young and adult adventurers.

Mega Circuit

More than a treetop climbing circuit, it is an exciting forest journey.

The Mega Circuit is where you will truly test your mental and physical skills on a treetop challenge.

For about 2 hours, venture into a dense forest and climb 14 meters on a journey filled with strong emotions.

You’ll feel the thrill of traversing through towering trees, free-falling Tarzan Swings, and long, fast zip-line slides.

This is a fun outdoor activity for young ones and adults, consisting of 44 treetop activities, divided into 4 obstacle sets, which always end with a 200 m zip-line slide. It’s aimed at young people and adults that are 1.40m tall or more.

Enjoying the moments of stress and adrenaline can extend the duration of the Mega Circuit.

See below for some restrictions applied.

Mega Circuit


Mega Circuit


under 18 years old (mandatory follow-up by adult or hiring monitor)



(See supervisory ratio – reservation required)

Family Package


Parents and 2 children, Father/Mother and siblings, or 4 siblings

Supervision Ratios

1 Adult (+ 18) – 2 Young minors

1 monitor Adventure Park – 8 young minors (15€)


To do the Mega Circuit, young minors need the authorization and signature of a legal guardian, even if an Adventure Park monitor is required for follow-up during the activity. Minors are supervised by adults (18 years and older) and never from the ground. A participating adult can supervise up to two younger children.

Other information


1,40 meters

Maximum Weight

130 Kg

Maximum Duration



200 meters


Up to 14 meters

One of the best places to have fun in Lisbon. A completely different experience! It has activities for children and grown-ups.

– Pedro V. –

Amazing place! Exactly what an adventurous place should be!

– Zaneera Assim –

Amazing experience, worth every penny.

– Mehul Sharma –

Mucha aventura y adrenalina.

– Luis F. Muñoz M –

Deux parcours proposés, un pour les enfans et un pour les ados/adultes. Comptez 1h/1h30 pour fair ele parcours adulte (suivant la fréquentation) Parcours agréable mais sans grande difficulté. 20€ per head for adults.

– Mehdi Helali –

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