Children who live in contact with nature have the chance to grow up in a healthy environment, and usually have access to related activities that give them immense pleasure, which is unforgettable for the rest of their lives.

When you live in environments close to nature, children, either with their friends, family or school end up learning how to ride a bicycle, climb trees, shoot with BB guns, swim in rivers or in the sea, run around the fields, play street football and a entire variety of activities we all know.

Everything changes when you live in the city and especially when children go to schools where they are not stimulated enough, with little physical activity, with almost no competition, without team sports in which they can develop team spirit, mutual support, respect for their own team members and the opposing team members, where they can learn to win and lose.

This lack of activities for city children is dramatic and to minimize the damage, parents must be proactive in trying to offer children a set of activities that allows them to develop physically and gain tremendous confidence in nature.

Bike Riding

Children should learn to ride a bicycle at ages 5/6, developing their bodies and gaining the balance and confidence essential to their well-being. A child who has learned to ride a bike never forgets throughout their life, and the later they begin to learn, the harder it will be.


Contact with water should be promoted early, at the age of two or three. Learning to swim is “a must for all children, and in certain situations can help you through difficult times.

Treetop adventure trekking

There are many children and people who are afraid of heights. One of the ways to help children lose that fear is by practicing tree climbing and treetop trekking. Beating that fear the first time will likely make it so that they will beat it again and they will never be afraid again.

Tree climbing and treetop trekking should be done in groups and is a remarkable way of bonding, since young people go through unprecedented activities and all share the experience with each other, feeling fear and joy at overcoming difficult obstacles.

At Adventure Park, schools through field trips and families through, for example, birthday parties or a weekend activity, provide children and young people with unforgettable moments of true adrenaline and friendship.

Adventure Park is open year-round and booking the activity is recommended.

Whether you are looking for outdoor activities with children, extreme activities (but safe), contact with nature, a birthday party in the woods or a field trip for students, Adventure Park offers an unforgettable day!